My name is Frank Tanner and I’m an independent investigative Journalist. After decades of research (much of it very dangerous to my person) I’m proud to be able to show you exactly what the deep state is and how you and every American citizen can finally stop it.

I've self-published it all in in the most controversial book released in the last decade.

This is what people had to say:

An absolutely fascinating book! One can understand what is and what has happened over the past several years. It is an eye opener. May God save our great country from those who work to destroy it.

Ann Jones

This is a must read book for understanding the fine details behind what's going on with the FBI, CIA, MSM, DOJ,

David J. Bell

This book shines a bright light upon this unholy Deep State enterprise and identifies the liars and their lies. If the Deep State is bold enough to continue their assault after being exposed, and they appear to be, then this book will become the manifesto around which American patriots shall rally to defend our Freedom and Liberty against these traitors!!

Bruce R. Springer